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The Wall [from german Die Wahl]: Meaning "the choice"

Women smiling holding a cup of coffee close to her mouth.

We love seeing people make the choice to drink good, sustainable coffee and make the world a better place. 10% of every purchase goes to charity. (If you would like to suggest a charity for us to feature, please let us know by sending us a message through our contact page). 

The Coffee supply chain

For those of us who enjoy coffee, we get to be a part of something truly amazing. The coffee supply chain is made up of many people who work very hard to ensure that the commodity of specialty coffee can go from farm to cup. At The Wall Coffee Roasters we feel the responsibility to truly add value in the supply chain and we are dedicated to doing so. Our commitment to the coffee supply chain is one of transparency and fairness, that means that you will be drinking a cup of coffee that you can be proud of. We only work with importers or farmers who are providing the specialty grade coffee we know can be trusted to not only taste good, but provide a fair wage for those along the coffee supply chain. If you have any questions about what we do, feel free to contact us.

Pick your Coffee

Chose a coffee from our current offerings.

Pick your charity

We will donate 10% of your purchase to the charity you choose from our list! (90%to Adeara from our line of recovery coffee). 

Because of you

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