Hi, I noticed you offer free (YEG local) delivery, how does that work?

We offer free Saturday Delivery now, which can be selected at checkout and is only available for orders placed before 4pm Friday. If you would like same day delivery (for orders placed before 12pm there will be a delivery charge $4 for inside YEG city limits, $6 for outside YEG city limits). Next day curb-side Acheson pickup is also an available option. (Please note that all orders placed on Saturday are not elligable for free, or paid same day delivery).

I ordered on Saturday, should I get my order the same day?

All paid delivery Saturday orders will be delivered or shipped the following day. We take one day off from roasting each week. If you selected free Saturday delivery your order will be delivered the following Saturday.

What time should I expect my local delivery to be delivered?

We usually schedule deliveries to arrive between 4-8pm (Mon-Friday) and 12pm-8pm (Sat-Sunday). However depending on volume some delivery times may vary. If you ever have any concerns, or an order doesn't arrive within 1-2 days please don't hesitate to reach out.

What do the tasting notes on the label mean?

Does coffee really taste like milk chocolate, berry yogurt, and lemon loaf? Not totally. So why do we include flavour descriptions on our coffee labels? Because it helps us describe 3 things: the sweetness, acidity and mouth feel of the coffee. We just want to be completely honest. Coffee tastes like coffee. However, not every coffee tastes or feels the same as we drink it. in fact, some are WILDLY different. When picking coffees to roast for our wonderful customers and cafe, we want coffees that offer great sweetness, acidity, and body. When describing what makes these coffees unique we reference flavour memories of foods, fruits and drinks we know and love. If you were to hang out with us while we are coffee tasting you would hear us say, "the acidity reminds me of cherries", or "This sweetness reminds me of apple pie", or "this coffee feels more thin in the mouth, reminding me of earl grey tea", or "This coffee has a creamy fruit mouth feel, with a little tartness like berry yogurt". So to recap, does your coffee taste like milk chocolate, berry yogurt and lemon loaf? Not really, but its sweetness  and acidity might remind you of milk chocolate, and berry's and the mouthfeel of the coffee may remind you of berry yogurt, and that subtle acidity/sweetness at the end may remind you of lemons, but not summer time lemonade stand lemons, more like a cold winter day baked lemon loaf kind of lemon.


We hope this helps! And if you ever have any more questions don't hesitate to reach out on our social media, or contact page.