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Recovery Coffee (500g whole bean)

Recovery Coffee (500g whole bean)


The Cause:

With every bag of Recovery Coffee sold 90% of the profits are donated to Adeara Recovery Centre in Edmonton Alberta. Adeara allows for women and their children to build lives that are free from addiction. Addiction is overcome in connection: a community of encouragement, accountability and respect makes all the difference when we are fighting things bigger than ourselves. No one can do it alone, that’s why we are so honoured to provide a delicious, fair trade coffee, that invites you to become a part of the fight for women and their families here in Edmonton. We hope you enjoy every sip!


The Coffee: Corner Stone Blend


Our first ever blend, made up of Brazillian and Ethiopian coffees, has been affectionatley dubbed the Cornerstone Blend.


Process: Washed and Natural Beans

We Taste: Chocolate, Toasted Nuts, Dried Fruit


This medium roast coffee is a great balanced daily driver to throw on your drip brewer. Looking for an espresso? The cornerstone blend can also be a great option for that as well.


Wondering what tasting notes are and how they come to be? check out our FAQ regarding tasting notes. 

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